Destiny is recruiting

Destiny is now looking for an Experienced Mage/Balance Druid/Elemental shaman or Shadow priest. If you are one of those classes and are interested in joining our raid team, make an application in the Application section.

Throne of Thunder update

Throne of Thunder completed…

Lei Shen Killed.

After some practice, we finally killed Lei shen.    Congratulations to the loot winners and of course, the achievement.  Also another milestone for Destiny.

He was just about to kill us, but then he got his electric bill.


Somehow, I feel we only outraged the mogu even more by doing this.

If we are to believe legend, we just killed the only female mogu in existance.  Overwhelmed by such a huge male/female ratio, I think these ladies are better off.  I can just imagine the shit they have to put up with, surrounded by so many guys.  Rest in peace sisters, you’re in a better place now.  Until next reset, that is.  Then it’s back to doing laundry for 7 million guys and getting killed by random adventurer group #2278.

There are officially no more mogu left for the next edition of PLAYMOGU.


Anime down!  Weeboo’s outraged!

Actually, it’s called an animus.  I guess they are referring to the big gooey ball of paste that brings the constructs to life, hence ‘animating’ them.  This interesting fact is brought to you by lady Anadari, who can be seen posing in this picture, instead of showing a real picture of the destroyed constructs.


This is really a great picture.


This seems familiar…

I’m serious.  The dark red glow inside a giant experiment lab?  Giant lizard being deformed by slimes?  Tons of adds?  Maybe it’s just my imagination.  Anyway, this guy went down on our second try.  After all the struggles we had at the start, the later bosses of this raid seem easier and easier.  Good for us.  Good for loot. Good for progress.  And Haze got to do science.  We are all winners if you ask me.  Congratulations on  loot winners!

Haze could not wait to "science" him.  And by "science" I mean loot of course.



Captain durum kebob down.

Durumu went down after a few decent tries.  We cheated and hired some dragons. Those are totally not guildies with disguises.

Seriously, Durumu is too damn ugly for a picture.



Bird is the word!

Ji’kun went down after Magaera, of course.  No picture of magaera because we he kinda sank to the bottom of the underground lake.  And you don’t want to just see a picture of a treasure chest, right?  RIGHT?!


Ji'kun down found where Ji'kun was downed, scientists astonished by found.






A tad late on the updates, as usual…  Our progress has been a bit shaky due to guild issues regarding some members retiring.  We wish to thank them for aiding us so far and wish them the best in their future ventures, be they other wow-related achievements or other games!


Alas, bosses were killed!

1 up!

Tortos got killed, Mario bros style!  It’s a good thing most of our members are old enough to have done the actual thing in mario bros themselves; it went quite smoothly after the needed wipes.  If the mario/luigi transmo’s weren’t just cloth only, I’d make it mandatory for this boss.  ”Screw Democracy, I’m the lady!  I can do such things!” – Anadari.

Tortos down, Bowser next!



Council of trolls disbanded.

Or whatever politicians do when they cannot handle the situation.  Who ever heard of troll politicians anyway?  What do they discuss?  What winnie wanga to choose?  Which council member they’ll eat first? I’m at a loss here.  We all were.  So the only reasonable thing was looting their corpses.  People got goodies, and haze found a nice politician hat.  He’s running for congress now, actually.

So... Lunch?




Horridon down!

He gave us some trouble.  But, we tried and tried.  And we succeeded.  Gratz Destiny.

Horridon down!


As for the loot…

That is one big pile of...



This guy was not too much effort overall.  Basic tactics, which we basically became basic at.

Unlike what we expected, he does not drop a sword.